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Author Topic: Basketball Scoreboard (Updated 09-28-2019)  (Read 6948 times)


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Basketball Scoreboard (Updated 09-28-2019)
« on: September 03, 2019, 06:14:48 AM »

Basketball Scoreboard is another implementation of the RemoteValue sample from the video tutorial http://s3.signage.me/business1000/resources/RemoteValues.mp4.  This includes a countdown timer, home and visitor scores, team fouls and period count.

To copy the scene, highlight and copy the XML code below, go to Studio Pro and then paste the code on the Scenes' list - a scene called Scoreboard should appear on the list which at this point hit save. You can add a backgound image or set the background color or even change the fonts.
Code: [Select]
<Business id="467382" saved="1">
  <Record table="player_data" id="350" handle="339"/>

The html source code can be downloaded from this https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3j97yt0er9rw3k/scoreboard.zip?raw=1.  You would need to modify the HTML page to supply your own login (a limited user login is recommended) and supply the stations list. for stations, each station id is to be placed in a quote, separated by commas. for example, if you have 3 stations namely stationID 125, 130 and 131, the stations will be assigned as
Code: [Select]
var stations = ["125","130","131"];

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Yes, almost same.


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