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Author Topic: Enhancements for Catalogs  (Read 4348 times)


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Enhancements for Catalogs
« on: June 14, 2019, 05:22:01 AM »
Hi everyone,

I would like to suggest the following enhancements to the Catalog component:

1) At present the catalog player plays sequently each catagory, with absolutely no randomization. If you have multiple catalog players using the same categories playing across the same timeline (such as to display birthdays, pictures from a vacation, etc.) all players would show the exact same sequence of resources.

Workaround:  Divide the category into subcategory and balance the items across these categories. Then make each player play only that sub-category. This requires a lot of preperation and is a burden if this needs to be done on a regular basis.

2) It is not possible to check which items have been assigned to which catalogs. For example, if I want to see which pictures are assigned to "Category A" I'd have to go over each and every item and see what's assigned to this category. This is extremely taxing for categories which require constant reassignments such as weekly birthdays.  It would be far more comfortable to allow viewing which item is assigned to each category, and from that view allow removing items from that category.

3) There is no filtering option for catalog items. Once they have been added from Resources they are pushed to the bottom of the item list. If you want to search for an item to assign to a category (or update info), you have to manually search the entire list.

It would be easier to add a filter/search function, preferably one with a checkbox to search the info0 - info3 fields as well.

4) At present only four fields are supplied for each item (info0 - info3). This allows for little flexability over time, since you may need to use more than four fields to display all information for a certain resource across all the configured campaigns.

It would be preferable to allow either more fields (perhaps 10) or allowing the user to customize the schema so that they can define new fields (instead of info0 you'd have "firstName") as necessary.

5) Whenever you delete an item, the focus returns to the start of the item list. This coupled with the inability to select multiple items at once means that if you have to delete several items which are scattered across the item list, you're going to have to work hard. I would like to suggest allowing multiple selection and NOT returning the focus to the start of the item list whenever an item is deleted.

Thank you for your consideration! If anyone feels like adding more suggestions to this component, feel free to reply.


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