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Author Topic: Help! Connection problem with 3g modem!  (Read 6244 times)


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Help! Connection problem with 3g modem!
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:31:32 PM »
So I've ran into a VERY strange problem with connecting to the server via 3g modem. I was using a test player about three weeks ago and connecting via 3g modem worked perfect. Both the player and the studio showed a green connected button. When I was testing the signageplayer app was at version 2.1.1.

So I went to set up another player yesterday and connect via 3g. To my surprise, the player and the studio showed no connection (red). I removed the firewall, tried http polling, still no luck (wouldn't even show yellow for http polling).

Now the strange thing, although it shows not connected and no commands get through (sync, reboot, snapshot,etc) when I manually reboot the station, the player propagates the updated presentation! but it still won't show as connected and won't receive any commands or updates from the studio until I manually update again.

So to troubleshoot, I tried on my test station, the one which had originally worked with 3g connectivity and this wouldn't work now! So this ruled out the problem having something to do with the player version (test station was running version 2.1.1 and new station is

Obviously the station is able to connect to the server as it is getting the updated presentation no problem. But for some reason this studio or the server don't think the station is connected to the server.

Also, I am able to browse and download perfectly over 3g, in addition to receiving updated presentations. I also tried 3 different 3g modems.

My conclusion based on all of this is that something done to the server or studio between player version 2.1.1 and has caused the software to believe that I'm not connected. Again, this isn't anything wrong with the signageplayer because where once version 2.1.1 worked, now neither version works.

Any suggestions?? From anybody??
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