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Author Topic: Shared Folders - user/passwords -credentials  (Read 3777 times)

Richard Propsom

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Shared Folders - user/passwords -credentials
« on: March 21, 2019, 01:39:37 PM »
Hi All
Really new to all this so expect some really _____ (fill in the blank) questions.
Well here is the scenario.  Have been using a media player that had 12 different video files on SD card and played them by pressing any of 12 remote buttons.   Worked fine.  Then started playing around with signage player and created an nice campaign the updated the kiosk display with stuff from our webpage... great.  Unfortunately when the media player is running the signage program it does not respond to the buttons and when running in the button interactive mode cannot interact with the web page.

Well I started talking to the media player and button supplier and there is a solution.  The buttons currently trigger a inter-play module which supplied serial data to the player, triggering the event when in interactive mode.  To run the signage player software they can supply a converter that would capture the button's serial data and convert it to a HTTP POST command.  This they say can be read by the signage program and trigger access to the appropriate files on our LAN.  Sounds good on paper. 

The catch is we are connected to a school network and the administrators would like to know if the signage player will...   

1. Be able to access a shared folder with a username/password
2. Can it join our domain?
3. Does signage player use credentials to authenticate itself?  We can’t have an unprotected folder on the network or in Google Drive.  It needs to be able to log in and authenticate itself   If it can’t authenticate, then it can’t access a shared folder
I think the answer is yes --- but really hope some of you can chime in on any obvious and maybe not so obvious pitfalls, things that were not thought of or even any work a rounds. 
Thanks in Advance


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Re: Shared Folders - user/passwords -credentials
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2019, 05:43:55 AM »
the player software was not designed to log into network shares - they can connect to web resource via http.  note that we do not save logins - our components that require authentication asks for a security token instead of logins.

will you be using android or windows as your player device? what parameters/data will you be passing to the player?

best regards


Richard Propsom

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Re: Shared Folders - user/passwords -credentials
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2019, 06:45:48 PM »
Thank you for the response. 
As I have studied this over the last day I am starting to see that using additional hardware to capture the button trigger events and converting them so they could be recognized as a HTTP Post which then triggers the appropriate action may be overkill for what we need.  Although it is great to have the versatility of Signage Studio it may be simpler to use the button interactive mode on the media player and find a way to automate the updating of the default looping presentation. 
Very off subject but I am leaning to some type of software which would capture images of various webpages and then combine them into a short video.  It would have to be something that could be scheduled to occur at specific intervals and require minimal human intervention once set up. Not anywhere near as slick as what Signage Studio and player can do.

Thanks Again


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