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Author Topic: Player loses registration  (Read 3777 times)


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Player loses registration
« on: July 13, 2010, 01:28:20 PM »
I faced the situation which if not fixed will move me to another signage solution. Here it is.

We are planing to run about 100 players. They all will be connected to the internet via routers with 4G modem on the WAN port. It may happen for example that we miss the next payment to our 4G provider. In this case the WAN connection switches to the limited mode when you can access only the web site of the provider. The player thinks that it is connected to the internet (computer is still connected to router-> lan port is up) but in reality it cannot get to your signage servers. And as a result you get the 'Email verification' window with the message:

"Please verify you email first" (by the way, the spelling I provided is exactly as it shows up on the screen - you can fix this at least)

After reboot you get the 'Registration error' windows with the message:

"Cannot connect to the server. Be sure to check your internet connection and try again"

After that even with WAN connection fully restored you have to go through player registration process from scratch. It means you need to visit the remote place with the player, attach a keyboard and a mouse and do the player registration process. With 100 players all around the city it is unacceptable.

I described just one of the possible scenarios. The same happens if the WAN connection is unstable.

The behavior of the player in the described situation when the player has WAN connection but cannot access your signage servers should be exactly the same as with no internet connection at all. Player have to just ignore the missing server connection and start playing from cache.

I was ready to write a success story but now I am in frustration.

Please fix ASAP.

Best regards.


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Re: Player loses registration
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2010, 06:56:41 AM »

This is a bug that is due to our latest release as we added support for complete offline playback, and in the way, may have broken something.

Can you please confirm if its not fixed in this private release:

Now, if you still have issues, please contact me via mstech [ At] mediasi... com so we can work with you can get it resolved ASAP!!!!

Thank you for your interest in MediaSignage,

Eric -


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