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Author Topic: Use Google Spreadsheets Dynamically  (Read 3874 times)


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Use Google Spreadsheets Dynamically
« on: September 14, 2017, 07:33:41 AM »
It would be great to use Google Spreadsheets as a complete data source, and have a scene dynamically create items based on each row of the spreadsheet instead of having to hard-code individual cells for data like the current component works.

You are doing this with other JSON items, including Google Drive and Google Calendar. I do not have to specify which image in Google Drive to use for each JSON item. I just tell it what type (image or title) to display, and it dynamically displays each one of them, whether there is 1 or 100. This would be a great feature for Google Spreadsheets too. I would like the ability to create a scene, where I add JSON Items and select the column that I would like each JSON item to display and then the app would dynamically change the data when it goes to the next "slide" based on the next row of data in the spreadsheet.

In this scenario, the component would need to have a setting to indicate which row to start with, so that if you create a spreadsheet where the first row is the title for each column, the app would exclude that from the display. And it would be great to have one item be an image that can be displayed, where the "image" in the spreadsheet is a link to an image in Google Drive. Below is a rough example of a spreadsheet where the first row contains the column titles and the rest of the rows are data for different "slides" in the presentation....including a reference ID to an image in Google Docs.

Title                         SubTitle                                Story                                                                            GoogleImageID
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Re: Use Google Spreadsheets Dynamically
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2017, 12:50:37 AM »
Yes, It'll open way more possibilities to gain some great attention. Plus there are many other more dynamics features that can be added like scroll news feed from designers pc/server. Or any feature that allows designer or marketers to changes something anytime they want.


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