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Author Topic: AD Packages, Scenes and other components  (Read 5086 times)


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AD Packages, Scenes and other components
« on: March 23, 2017, 09:17:28 AM »
We have two amazing features that we can not use together, ADNET Packages and Scenes and other stuffs, but they are part of the same solution.

This is really causing me problems. With every new feature you put in Studio, it looks wonderful. But when we're going to use it, there are several rules that prevent us from using it more freely with what already exists in Studio. This is frustrating. Look at this ADNET case, everything I tried to do went awry.

I've spent hours on the stand doing what I can to try to get around. Unsuccessfully.

You see, it's not possible to put scenes in the ad assets, so we can only use scenes in the timeline .. that creates incoherence:

1 - To have videos of different durations in the ad asset, I need to leave the "respect content lenght" unchecked.
2 - With "respect content lenght" unchecked the scenes are not respected as features with determined duration in the scene editor;
So, AD Assets can only be used alone in the timeline, since everything else Studio does depends on the scene editor and its components.


1 - Do a timeline for each resource?
1a - Timeline1 with a scene, I leave it marked "respect content lengh";
1b - Timeline2 with an Add Asset, uncheck for "respect content lengh";

ANSWER: It does not work, because when the package does not have videos (for having expired the date, for example) the player will run empty time alignment and leave a space with black screen in place of the empty AD Asset.
Conclusion: Prevent the use of both resources together.

2 - Deselect the "respect content size" and use a single timeline.
It does not work, so it respects the size of the videos in the package correctly, but does not respect the duration of an RSS scene, for example.
Conclusion: Prevent the use of both resources together.

3 - Mark "respect content size" and use a single timeline.
It does not work, so respect the size of RSS. Scenes and everything else correctly, but does not respect the duration of the vhids contained in the AD Asset package.
Conclusion: Prevent the use of both resources together.

What to do?

Honestly, I think you should do the following:

1 - Allow scenes that have defined duration in their creation in the "scene editor" to be perceived as a resource with predetermined time in the timeline (as the videos are). This will allow you to uncheck "respect content lenght" and use all features in a friendly way without restrictions.

2 - Allow scenes to be used within packages in ADNET. Needless to cite the advance of the programming that this would bring.

In addition, after several support tests, we find that when we use AD Assets on a timeline, and we place a video directly on the same timeline, between packets, it simply freezes the timeline.

That's it then .. Come on, friends! Make an update for this and let's be happy!


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Re: AD Packages, Scenes and other components
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2017, 08:51:12 AM »
A few things:
1) Respect content length is mainly for video contents on the channel. Other contents such as images, components, scenes, etc. will still follow the duration set on the timeline
2) AdNet contents that should not display (i.e. expired date, disabled package, insufficient balance, etc) will always display as black screen (except for the AdNet component when configured with a default resource) regardless whether you have the respect content length enabled or disabled.

The respect content length is an exception that was made for the AdNet contents in order to ensure that the last content being displayed is not abruptly cut off from the screen. The tradeoff is that the excess duration of the AdNet content consumes the playback duration of the contents following it.

We will take into consideration your suggestions for the improvement and see if they can be part of a future update.


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