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Author Topic: Play a Schedule only with content allready downloaded  (Read 4001 times)


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Play a Schedule only with content allready downloaded
« on: June 29, 2016, 08:38:36 AM »
Hi, im working with this software for almost one year, im having problems with customers that can't assure the internet conection 24/7.
Let me put an example so you can follow me:

if the computer turns on at 11am, starts the signageplayer, and if there is no internet available the screen goes to black (the content is the same of yesterday) Even if there is no change in timeline or Schedule, the signageplayer goes to black waitting for an update.

i think that if the signageplayer have allready the file to play (from timeline / Schedule) and allready has the order to play it for a week, why you need internet again?, ok maybe it can be an update or content and the internet is esscencial, im agree with that. but it should play the timeline normally, and stays  waitting for a connection, but in the meantime playing the files and order that allready have
must of the customers complain because in a restaurant the screens NEVER have to be black, they even prefer with an old contentthan to be in black screen, because they lose money that way.

Hope you can work with this, or if someone knows about to do this, please let me know.

PD: sorry for my english, not my language


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