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Author Topic: Help!! need MobileTouch to work  (Read 3384 times)


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Help!! need MobileTouch to work
« on: January 20, 2016, 12:39:20 PM »

**Sorry about the new topic, but I really need assistance here if anyway can help.

This is a follow up to my previous post.  Whether the player is restarted or station rebooted.  The station stops responding to requests via RemoteTouch.js [API] after very short period of time.

I have checked and new QR codes (with unique access Codes) are in fact being generated with some regularity, however the only way to have the player respond to the web page is to stop and start the player form the console, insuring "Update Station" is checked when the player is started.

This will allow the RemoteTouch page to work flawlessly for a limited period of time. 

To eliminate firewall or other variables the station has been moved outside the firewall, it is now wide open with no security impeding the station.

I have tried daily restart of the player and the station, neither rectifies the issue of the service not responding.

I could attach screenshots of the setup, but unfortunately image attachements are not neabled unless linked via web URL.

The Use case is very simple and I wish it worked

Main Timeline: A series of promotional images and/or videos with a "ticker" on the bottom, the ticker contains the QR and is part of a common channel, Main is a single sequence on the Campaign

The Campaign has 7 more timelines defined which are full screen videos of varying length, all are defined on the Campaign as named events using the "select timeline" command and Auto resume

There is an exist button which has been toggled between Select timeline main and Resume presentation with no impact to the viability of QR and RemoteTouch control.

After starting and stopping the player from the local player console everything works flawlessly switching between multimple videos which are presented as images/thumbnails calling the js from a webpage. 

leave and comback and scan a few hours later [Access code on QR is different, have screenshots of this] however no commands are sent to the player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I need this working for a Demo ASAP.

As an alternate work around if there is a script I can apply to the "Send End Event" on the main timeline so the player restarts when the Main timeline ends "5-10" minutes which should also keep the QR AccessToken active.

I have profiles the API in chrome and everything is error free, the Access token simply doesn't refresh or work after less than 2 hours with the only way to refresh being to stop and start the player. 

The test player(s) are using sockets and are "green" 100% online at all times.

**Is there nobody using this feature?

I look forward to any assistance that can be provided.
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Re: Help!! need MobileTouch to work
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2016, 08:14:46 AM »
I will reply to my own topic since nobody could figure this out, or be bothered to reply.

The issue creating this Token expiry was a result of a helpdesk suggestion and has been resolved [however re-introducing an original issue].

The original issue experienced was that once a QR was scanned and used to control a signage screen [in this case to view multiple videos] once any timeline was allowed to end:

1. Scan QR
2. Start Timeline
3. While a timeline requested via web on the linked QR MobileTouch API was still playing a user could switch between timelines and choose other videos
4. Once a timeline [video] concluded and the system returned to the main screen the QR had to be re-scanned to control the station again [inconvenient with multiple short timeline/videos].

The suggestion from helpdesk so the QR Access code would not expire as soon and to bind timelines being played was to add a "common channel" and place the QR on this common channel so it was underlying on all timelines. 

It was this above suggestion that resulted in the bizarre behaviors experienced.  Once the common channel was removed the QR now refreshes in a timely fashion and controls the signage without a reboot or player restart required.

I must now tinker with the presentation to extend all timelines with a 30 second or similar trailing message such as "your control token will expire in 30 seconds please selected another video or exit the controller".  This should give clients/operators time to decide if they want to peruse additional media or just exit and/or let the timeline lapse.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who is using MobileTouch with common channels.


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