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Author Topic: MediaSignage now powered by CloudFront (you may need to modify your firewall)  (Read 69130 times)


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Today we are happy to announce that the mediaCLOUD is now powered by CloudFront.
If you have a particularly strict firewall, remember, you may need to edit your firewall rules to allow access to the new destinations.

new url: s3.signage.me (add http and https)
name records map:  dw4bgb8u37so2.cloudfront.net (add http and https)
ip: (better to not use IP as may change in the future, dns name is better option)

for simple config, just add http|https://*.signage.me

Again, majority of users don't need to do anything as firewalls normally allow all outbound traffic!

600%+ faster download speeds for everyone
Today we are happy to announce that the mediaCLOUD is now powered by CloudFront.
The greatest benefit is the massive (600%+) boost in download speeds across our network of AWS powered servers. This will significantly improve users’ speed in access and deploying content assets across the entire networks around the world.
By utilizing Amazon’s content delivery web service, we can now distribute content to end client digital signage players with little to no latency and at extremely high speeds. We expect the changes will have the greatest impact on some international users where distance latency can have a slowing effect on the data transfer speeds.  With the functionality of AWS CloudFront end users will see a difference in the download speeds of some of their most asset-intensive high-definition video content.

By integrating with Amazon’s Content Delivery Network, we can now provide an enhanced experience for both free and premium customers and at no additional cost, enjoy.

New Digital Signage edge locations:

United States

Atlanta, GA
Ashburn, VA (3)
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (2)
Hayward, CA
Jacksonville, FL
Los Angeles, CA (2)
Miami, FL
New York, NY (3)
Newark, NJ
Palo Alto, CA
San Jose, CA
Seattle, WA
South Bend, IN
St. Louis, MO
South America

São Paulo, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2)
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfurt, Germany (3)
London, England (3)
Madrid, Spain
Marseille, France
Milan, Italy
Paris, France (2)
Stockholm, Sweden
Warsaw, Poland

Chennai, India
Hong Kong (2)
Mumbai, India
Manila, the Philippines
Osaka, Japan
Seoul, Korea (2)
Singapore (2)
Taipei, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan (2)

Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
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We're in Scandinavia.. DK to be precise, there is no significant change in the downloading of resources (we are on a very fast internet connection).. Has this been fully implemented?


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keep in mind that a resource needs to download (1) time from the US, before it gets cached in an edge server close to your GEO.
and yes, it's been fully implemented and we are seeing huge stats on CloudFront.


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Where do you download this to?  Do you just go to the link and it automatically downloads?


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it's all automatic...


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Is there an updated list of all of the nameservers? I spoke with someone on chat several times and I always forget to save the list for future use after I am done.

ie. (pluto.signage.me // and so on...)

Currently I am having an issue with a firewall blocking all live socket connections so I want to be as explicit as possible as the http/https://*.signage.me/* (Port 80/443 - TCP/UDP) does not seem to allow for full Live Socket connection to the players. Is it possible that there is another port in use that enables the LIVE SOCKET connection? Because Live Socket isn't an available option. I've done some research online and I can find a lot of conflicting information about web socket connections, but not live socket. Sometimes they use port 8080. I've even tried running an active connection scanner on the device, but I will try to run it again. Something just isn't adding up. But I would still like the updated list, there doesn't seem to be a post on the forum or any documentation with all of the most recent nameservers/ip's for some time now. Even the signage.me IP address has changed since the original post.


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live chat can get you a list of IPs for you that your account is on or add *.signage.me


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