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Author Topic: Screen-centric vs. Campaign-centric Digital Signage  (Read 3759 times)


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Screen-centric vs. Campaign-centric Digital Signage
« on: December 01, 2009, 06:18:52 AM »
I have been investigating Medai Signage for a couple of weeks now and really am very impressed with its capabilities and ease of use. Some features are not quite as intuitive as I would like, but this is early stage work, I understand.

One thing I've noticed is the Campaign-centric approach to the digital signage solution. This is great if you have just a few messages to send to many AirPlayers. Think of this as a single cable TV station, collecting all the content and sending it out to all of the TV's. Maybe they have some functionality to change their programing for a different area, but that is a rare event.

Now think from the Cable Subscribers point of view. They want to select from the content that is already out there and decide what to watch and when.

MediaSignage seems to be heading the direction of the cable TV channel provider. You create the Channel (MS campaign), decide what content will be shown and when it will be shown (create timeline and add resources to screens), then the channel is ready to be sent to all the TV's. But the TV's cannot view the SAME content at different times without having to recreate and duplicate the content for another screen.

In a Screen-centric approach, the campaign would be replaced by the screen. We create the content only once and a Screen can pick and choose what content to play and when. I could develop three ads and ANY screen could choose that any add and in what order without duplication. I could use the sequencer or scheduler on a screen basis. If I want to create a "campaign", then I might want the ability to group screens and apply the changes one time to all screens, but that would be rare in my opinion.

If I have 3 ads (channels of information) and 3 screens and want to display those ads on separate screens, at separate times and in different order, it would take up to 9 channels, most of which had duplicate information, to accomplish this in a campaign-centric world. In a screen-centric world, it would take only 3 channels.

Right now, the Airplayer can connect to only to a single screen within a campaign. I suggest an Airplayer be able to connect to any and or all channels of any campaign and be able to sequence or schedule the Airplayer content. Grab an Airplayer, choose the content you want to play, arrange in the order you want and schedule it to run when you want.

Who needs a campaign?


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Re: Screen-centric vs. Campaign-centric Digital Signage
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2009, 07:10:58 AM »
Hi James,

There are (3) things that are available or that we are working on, that will help make the system MUCH easier.

1. In release 1.9 we will have common channels per campaign. So, when you create a channel and set to as "Common", it will appear
in all Campaign timelines (unless removed from specific ones). This allows for GREAT flexibility as you create a channel ONLY once and create unique channel per timeline. Make a change to a common channel and have it change EVERYWHERE.

2. We will release Copy > Paste between campaigns and between businesses as well. That should help alot.

3. And most importantly, you said that a AIRPlayer connects to a single screen, that is not correct. Our system allows you to create unlimited number of screens PER A SINGLE TIMELINE. Let me repeat that, PER A SINGLE TIMELINE. That is VERY flexible as you can create multiple channels and have some be unique and some common among a single timeline. When a SignagePlayer connects, it connects to the Campaign > Screen.

So, imagine of having 4 stations in a store, 2 will run content A and 2 will run content B. Content A and B can be 90% the same. The 10% that is different can be distinguished via different channels... Please watch the following video, this is exactly what you want:


This is not an easy concept to understand (thus the Video), but once you do, WOW, it's VERY flexible.
Please watch the video a couple of times and let me know if you have questions...




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Re: Screen-centric vs. Campaign-centric Digital Signage
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2009, 11:30:53 AM »
Thanks for the quick reply Sean.

I have watched that video several times and cannot get my head around how it would be useful in the way I described (poorly described apparently).

I have 5 five-minute ads and four Airplayers. I want this to occur:

Airplayer 1 : Play ad #1, then #2, then#3, then#4 and repeat
Airplayer 2: Play ad #1, then Ad#1 again, Then Ad# 4, then repeat
Airplayer 3 Play ad#3 then Ad#1, then Ad #4, then Ad#4 again then repeat
Airplayer 4 Play Ad#2 and repeat.

All Airplayers at 4:55 play ad#5 then go back to normal loop.

I can see cut and paste being useful to make this work, but don't get how multi-screen plays a part at all.



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