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Author Topic: Studio Lite Features need it to 2015  (Read 4497 times)


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Studio Lite Features need it to 2015
« on: November 18, 2014, 09:01:00 AM »

I will try to explain my situation and how this affect me in near future (day 1 in 2015)

We have a lot of POS around the Country divided in regions and every region is managed by let's say "USER BETA" who visit all POS of his region. The problem is now starting with 2015 they wants the ability to change the campaign of every POS by the "USER BETA" of that region.
But the most important the "USER BETA" will not do it from PC, atually will visit the POS, and this means they want to use a tablet like an iPad. to change the campaign.

Well more or less this actually can be done with Studio Lite but there are some features we need.

1. Studio Lite for iPad (native aplication maybe in the future)

2. A solution to create groups of the STATIONS. So this way every "USER BETA" of region "X" can only view his STATIONS not all stations. (But we are the administrators of all stations so we have to be allowed to view all stations no matter of what region is)

3. Limit powers of the "USER BETA"  this means we only let them make the changes we want.
(in our company we need this , maybe other other companies want differently)

- Play , Stop, Screenshot the stations
- Ability to change the campaign with another one (by just select one of the campaigns available)
- Schedule a campaign on hours and days.
- view a summary of the hours played by a campaign.

They can't create from scratch a campaign , or modify a screen, or add resources etc. all this will be done by US.

4. Right now we have all regions in ONE I mean  all the stations from all regions in one place.  Also is hard to find a specific POS we having to scroll all down and looking one at one until we find it.
So a search box and the options to create categories or regions something similar will be very useful.

5. We need to create users from PRO version of digital signage to use Studio Lite with limited permissions.

6. How I was say before we have a lot of POS in a region so the "USER BETA" will visit every one in particular to check if is OK. but they need to change the campaign of one in particular is ok but sometimes they have to change all POS of the region with the same campaign so in this momement they have to go one at one.. it will be nice to select all POS with one click and then change the campaign. 

How we can prepare for the new 2015 ? will be a quick solution ?
How much time will take for a complete solution ?

Some details:
Screen size of all stations : from 22'  to 55'
Signage Player devices: minix x7 mini Quad Core Android
We use only full screen videos.

Thanks in advance and hope this can be useful as a improvment of the digital signage quality.

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