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Author Topic: mediaDriod 85  (Read 13740 times)


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mediaDriod 85
« on: August 26, 2013, 10:42:00 AM »
I hace a mediaDriod 85  in a clients business being taken over my a customer of his using an android device ? How do i stop someone from taking over the mediaDriod? there must be a way to log some one out?


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Re: mediaDriod 85
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2013, 10:44:17 AM »
Here is the thread from the Live Chat in support.... in case it helps
13:08Joe J: hi
13:08Joe J: if its on a tablet
13:08chris macdonald: Hi I contacted you about this issue i was told to check the bluetooth on the tv it is not on?
13:08chris macdonald: This is a Andriod 185 player
13:09Joe J: not sure what you mean
13:09chris macdonald: In my customers restaurant I person comes in and post whateever he wants how do i lock them out?
13:09chris macdonald: I guy come in and take conrtrol of the singage player via his Android phone
13:10chris macdonald: Posts his photos , nasty messages etc on the screen ?
13:10chris macdonald: How do i stop him from getting access?
13:10Joe J: thats not possible unless he has got access to your account and change something on the campaign
13:11chris macdonald: It is happening! It may not be possible but its happening?
13:11chris macdonald: No one has access to my account
13:12chris macdonald: This is at my client Restaurant the ower of the restaurant does not have access to my account
13:12chris macdonald: This guy claime dto the manager ANYONE with an androis can take over the screen
13:12chris macdonald: He posted videos photos etc ifront of the Restaurant manager.
13:13chris macdonald: So it may not be possible but it happening no the less!
13:13chris macdonald: He is not accessing the Campaing he is over riding it with his stuff
13:13Joe J: then ask the manager how he is able to do it,
13:13chris macdonald: I did he doe snot know?
13:13chris macdonald: He is a restaurwent manage not a tech guy
13:14Joe J: as its outside the capabilities of our software
13:14Joe J: then ask the manager to have someone look at it with some tech knowledge
13:14Joe J: nothing we can do unfortunately
13:15chris macdonald: I asked the Manager when the guy comes in to ask him for his email so I can ask him but the manager wants this stopped or the Signage comes out of his restaurant?
13:15Joe J: best you can do is dont have anyone access the droid physically
13:15chris macdonald: What? Some one is hacking your software and you cant do anything?
13:15chris macdonald: The cannot access the droid?
13:16chris macdonald: it is the 185 they would need to physicall hook in they are not!
13:17Joe J: what do you mean 185?
13:17chris macdonald: Sorry mediaDroid-85
13:18Joe J: if its the mediadroid 85, someone might have installed an app on it locally
13:18chris macdonald: How do i stop some one from accessing the device?
13:19Joe J: try to do a factory restore on the droid itself
13:19Joe J: because someone might have installed an app or something within it locally that gives access
13:20chris macdonald: No way i just installed it, how do i reset the mediaDriod? is there a manual on your site?
13:20Joe J: or if you want to know how its done, you better be there when that person accessing it
13:20Joe J: so you can see how he is doing it
13:20chris macdonald: I am 30 miles away fro the restaurant I would love to but I do not know when he is there?
13:21Joe J: on the android settings there is a backup and restore option
13:21Joe J: then the factory restore
13:23chris macdonald: So if I understand what your saying is... there is a way to hack your software and I have to figure out how to make your software secure? Really?
13:24chris macdonald: I guess I should go out to google + and post this threat out there?
13:24Joe J: i didnt say that there is a way to hack our software
13:24Joe J: the only way to hack it is to know the password
13:24Joe J: of the account and change the content manually on the campaign, and this can only be done on studio
13:25Joe J: but if its hacking an android device , that is a different story
13:26Joe J: on my point of view, that is only possible if someone installed an app on the device locally
13:26chris macdonald: Ok I am a designer not a programmer. All i know is I bought the device from you and someone other than me is taking over control of the device? I contacted support for help, I understand if this is new but I need YOU to tell be how to secure YOUR product. Because I do not know how?
13:27chris macdonald: can this be escalted to a tech whom might know how to help?
13:27chris macdonald: Can you open a ticket or am I out in the cold?
13:27Joe J: our system software is secured, i can assure you of it, and the only way to access it is by knowing
13:28Joe J: the username and pass for that acccount
13:28Joe J: other than that no way for someone to getinto our system
13:28Joe J: you can post this on our forums page if you want,
13:28chris macdonald: It is not the system it is the PRODUCT the android device I baught from you.
13:29chris macdonald: it is not the signage player software it is the mediaDriod85
13:29Joe J: android device can only be accessed through whatever connection is available to it, like the network being used or someone physically plugging something on it
13:29Joe J: to install an app or whatever
13:30Joe J: our android device is just llike any other android players out there in the market
13:31Joe J: its just got a custom baked android OS, that we have developed, not its not different from any android phones and tablets
13:31chris macdonald: Ok I got it but I am a designer, a Flash Guy on a MAC , i do not know how to block someone getting access to the device , I wrongly assumed you had built in protection Ok i was wrong how to I block sone one from access ?
13:32chris macdonald: I bought the device from you and did not have this issue with the mediaBox 100 that failed and I had to replace it with the dried.
13:32chris macdonald: er droid
13:42chris macdonald: Ok I guess this thread has ended?


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Re: mediaDriod 85
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2013, 01:22:20 PM »

The only way for them to be able to access the android OS, if they have managed to install some sort of file sharing software on the device. This is as far as we know of course, there might be some sort of android hacks that we dont know about.  So best solution is to first do a factory reset of the unit.  And check and see if they are still able to do the same thing.  We need to find out what process they are using, so we can see if it can be blocked.  Because if he can do this on the mediadroid without installing anything, he should be able to do this to all android phones connected to your wifi too. So this is a bigger security issue on the android OS. HTH.


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Re: mediaDriod 85
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2013, 07:44:28 PM »
This looks scary...


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Re: mediaDriod 85
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2013, 10:38:33 AM »
ok, so this isnt directly related to your Mediadroid 85, but rather to these android media sticks in general. I think what was happening is that the android system itself is whats being used. I have an MK808 in my place that a customer once connected to by trying to share a picture. she accidentally clicked on a little picture of a computer screen on her phone and it sent her picture to my mk808 and displayed it, overriding the signage player. the reason she had access to it was because my mk808 was on the same local wifi network that she had access too because it was connected to my public access wifi that she had the password for because all customers have access to it. the simple way to stop it was to disconnect my mk808 from that network and connect it through my secure network that no one has access to but me. I think that was what happened to this guys unit.

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Re: mediaDriod 85
« Reply #5 on: February 19, 2014, 10:23:06 AM »
Based on what I am reading, does the mediaDroid OS support Miracast or AirPlay standards? If so, then anyone on the same network/wifi will be able to take over the screen. If this is the case then all the mediaDroid OS users should disable this function inside the Android OS. The steps do this varry depending on the Android OS.
I have a custom Android unit that I'm using to display SignagePlayer/SignageController and I have Miracast/AirPlay disabled. So while I've tried to hack into the unit I have been unable to do so unless I physically jack into the unit. This is the best way to secure your Android OS currently.
If anyone needs further information on this, please feel free to contact me.


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