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Author Topic: Alerting feature, Javascript not making it past firewall?  (Read 4475 times)


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Alerting feature, Javascript not making it past firewall?
« on: November 19, 2013, 09:17:31 PM »
I'm using Enterprise edition solely for the ability to change a cafeteria menu display via a simple webpage interface.  Our business volume ebbs and flows day to day, week to week and can't be held to a set schedule. 

All is good to go for about 4-5 hours after hard reboot (had to install simple digital lamp timer to power cycle mediadroid units 1x/day).  After this period of time, mediadroid units again do not respond to requests sent from the simple control webpage.

The stations interface tab in signagestudio still allows the usual controls of the mediadroid (stop, play, update, screenshot), but the mediadroid simply stops responding to the javascript commands sent from the control webpage.

My question:  do the mediadroids/signageplayers need to have a firewall rule (forwarding port as a socket?) setup in order for them to "hear" the javascript commands for longer than a small amount of time?  I'm behind an AT&T 2wire gateway (accessing network via wireless), so I realize it would be make/model specific on a firewall time-out (in re unsolicited requests), however it seems as if there is a separate pipe through which the javascript commands flow instead of the port 80 socket for the signagecontroller.

Please help!  Really don't want to daisy-chain lamp timers for multiple hard reboots! (PS it would be great if the mediadroid units could respond to the signagestudio schedule reboot commands ;)



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Re: Alerting feature, Javascript not making it past firewall?
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2013, 09:02:47 AM »
We use port 80 (socket and HTTP) to communicate from our servers back to your player when sending Ajax or web service calls.
I recommend you speak with Lawrence in Live Chat and have him duplicate a player on his end binding to your campaign so he can reproduce the setup and confirm that he can see an issue, and if he does we can work on resolving it. It he can't reproduce the issue we can assume the problem is on your end (firewall etc) and we can eliminate additional variables.


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