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Author Topic: 1. random spot /2. ini-file 4 swf  (Read 5453 times)


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1. random spot /2. ini-file 4 swf
« on: September 10, 2009, 06:53:46 AM »

first... good job, I really like the way your software works.
I'm german and didn't practice writing english since... early nineties... so please excuse me, I just write, hope it's understandable.

1. I miss a kind of random spot. Important to me is to have the opportunity to play random content, without knowing the length of the content. Fore that it would be great if the duration-field could be editable (just by the way). In case of Images and looped SWFs you can't get the length, but i know it.
The random Spot must work like a folder and must be placed at the same level like a timeline, and like the timeline be added to the sequence.

Perhaps my "problem" better explains what I need: In case of a short timeline I don't want to display the same Movie-Trailer every time. I want to have a container where I can store multiple Trailer, which may have differnt length. And a random one ist played to the end.

Or second case. I got a Number of Jokes and want to display a random one. In my case I got a number of 50 Jpgs and want to display a random one every time.

Actually I solve it by embedding all Images into a SWF and randomize it in the SWF. That works fine till the duration differs. If the SWF isn't cached its a slight Problem, because the SWF got a total size of 6.8MB and I work with a UMTS-Connection.

Such a function would be a great.

2. I like the Components property-panel. I'd like to use such a Panel 4 my own SWFs... Propably with more Options... Such as RSS-Adress, Number of News to Display... Is ist possible to add a kind of ini-file to a SWF that can be modified in the panel?

Yes and an other one... 

3. An alternative content if external Files or Infos (XML/RSS) can't be accessed.

Yes and I like the "Shared Files"...

4. How about Payed Content... Perhaps in 2 or 3 price categorys... With the opportunity to upload and Download "premium-Content"... I got some really nice RSS-News (floating in a AfterEffects 3D Background), timelinebased, not scrolling (To much work to give it for free). There again if I (or someone else) could choose the RSS to display and the number of News to Display, would be great.
There again I loop a clock and jump to the News if the RSS is loaded... again nice to have an alternative spot in case that I got no external access.

Thanks Gregor 


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Re: 1. random spot /2. ini-file 4 swf
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2009, 10:40:40 AM »
1. I think we already have what you need for Random Play. Click on the Channel, and under the channel properties select "Random Order"

2. You can do that today using the HTML component as you can load your own custom properties as long as the swf is hosted somewhere.
Please watch this video:

3. You can host your own local server and link internaly

4. Paid content will be eventually integrated into the shared content area.


Sean - MediaSignage.com


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Re: 1. random spot /2. ini-file 4 swf
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2009, 04:34:01 AM »
1. Its not exactly what I need, my problem is, that the duration of Spots may be different and I don't want to display a Timeline to the end. I just want to show one random Spot (with different durations) and then continue with teh next Timeline.
In case of Movie-Trailers its no help to be able to show random Spots for a fixed duration.

2. I gonna try the HTML component.

3. No I ment something different. If I got a spot and this Spot needs a Server Connection, e.g. News feeded by RSS. I dont want to Show the Spot if I got no connection. I need Something like an optional spot in case of no connection.

maybe scripted:

if (connection=true)

Of course I can solve the problem if I install a Webserver on my Player and create some kind of Starting-Spots, that are scripted to decide what to do. But in this case all the spots don't use ur nice caching-functionallity. And your System is no longer able to know the duration of these Spots.

Other solution could an offline-modus be. If the Player got no connection to the internet an other sequence must be displayed.


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