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Author Topic: Play one ressource only every x repeat  (Read 2726 times)


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Play one ressource only every x repeat
« on: March 27, 2013, 03:34:09 AM »
Hi guys,

I have a suggestion which is little bit complicated to explain, but I think very helpful.

Normally we use in the SignagePlayer Timelines with a lenght of about 7 minutes and repeat this the whole day. If we have a new spot or a new customer and he want to start at the 28 of march i use the schedule ... very simple.

Our screens are running about 16 hours a day and in this time I use the one Timeline with the current content the whole day.

Now we have customers which want to be on the screens only every 5 repeat of the loop -> means 4 times timeline x, and in the 5 timeline is this one spot of the customer included, then 4 times the "normal" content and so on.

I found no option to solve this in automated way, doesn't matter if i use sequence or scheduler (scheduler is always the option for us), so I have to drag and drop this special timeline manual, means in 1 hour about 8 times (timeline length about 7 minutes) and this for 16 hours...

The resaon for this option is that you can offer the product to customers with low budget, they have the option to buy less radiations

So my feature would be an option to play some special content only every 5x or 10x timeline - something possible?


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