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Author Topic: Advice: Sequencer or Scheduler  (Read 6363 times)


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Advice: Sequencer or Scheduler
« on: February 24, 2013, 07:16:40 AM »
Am building my first real timeline; that is, I have done several experimental ones, but am starting on the one I intend to use.

I have the following expectations going in:

1) It is for the high school where I teach
2) The length will mirror the one-hour timeline of the classes
3) It will contain basic announcements/information that will run in a slideshow on a screen that contains a few other divisions; this is the "primary content"
4) Every ten minutes we will break away and go full screen to play any of the following:

a) content from screenfeed
b) video highlights from sporting or other events
c) commercials from local advertisers
d) in-house "commercials" for various clubs/organizations/etc

5) At the end of the "break away" content, we will rejoin the primary content
6) I expect the entire campaign (primary and break away) to loop and repeat at the end
7) I could see situations where when special events are happening on campus we break away from "our regular programming" and run a different campaign/presentation geared for that special event.

The question is: which approach would be better in the long run, sequencer or scheduler?

With sequencer, I envision a single one-hour timeline, divided into structured divisions of time, playing the screen divisions (multiple or full screen) and content defined for that given section of time. We could then manually switch the content within the time slot as needed.

With the scheduler, I envision the primary timeline to be the school announcement multi division screen with low priority. On top of that with high priority, I would drop in the other content (4a-d above). This would allow the primary content to play all the time, but be superseded buy the higher priority content when it reaches that time period.  The primary content would continue to play unseen and would be picked back up "in medias res" once the higher priority content completes.  This would have the added benefit of allowing the higher priority content to have varying lengths without having to adjust the overall timeline to fit as desired.

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