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Author Topic: Some more bugs and issues since 4.0.73 (and before)  (Read 2777 times)


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Some more bugs and issues since 4.0.73 (and before)
« on: September 25, 2012, 03:25:29 PM »
Some more bugs and issues since 4.0.73 (and before)

  • Frequent and random crashes of the Signage Studio
  • Sometimes I randomly lose the ability to alter file duration by dragging the handles. Duration can then only be altered changing the numerical value in the properties. The ability to move a file along the timeline with the cursor also goes. Studio must be restarted to resolve. 
  • I had problems in the past with some MOV files dropping to black either for their full file duration or around half way through. I updated one of my screens to 4.0 and since then 70% of the content shows just black. The content is all MOV files. I know you guys always say to stick with FLV, which I do for the most part, however, this is a massive portrait display and if you didn't already know, FLV has a height restriction of 1080. So to use FLVs at 608w x 1080h on a 1080w x 1920h 85" commercial grade screen sucks because the pixelation is extremely evident. Full HD portrait MOVs would be nice, but the reliability of MOVs with your software is poor, and I can't keep risking black screens. It's just too unprofessional. Can you guys consider looking into these MOV bugs? Regardless of the FLV height restriction, the quality of FLV just does not compare to MOV, no matter how you render it. Being able to offer HD content is incredibly important in my opinion.
  • M4Vs appear to be completely incompatible even though software claims to support it. They upload as a resource into Studio, but never load to playback.
  • My white label splash screen is still not working. Not even sure whether it is uploading. I am using a swf. Still getting generic '..presentation will resume shortly...'

Thanks for your help in advance. I do want to see this software improve, even though it's already very innovative and groundbreaking.



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Re: Some more bugs and issues since 4.0.73 (and before)
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2012, 05:36:59 PM »
- If you can reproduce any crash PLEASE give us steps and we will fix right away as we are unaware of any exceptions.
- For the drag issue, if you can produce a video showing how to see the problem, again we can get it fixed asap!
- MOV as long as H.264 encoded should work fine (tested in 4.0.X latest)
- I will open a bug for M4V
- Be sure to keep your swf without AS code... just a pure swf resource will work just fine.




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