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Author Topic: New screen size not properly set when changed in studio on a running 3.2 player?  (Read 3196 times)


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Sorry I can't be too specific on this error, but was in a hurry and not sure how/what happened.

So I had a show running on 3.2.00 (pre-alpha) and air 3.2 (whatever the current 3.2 air is :). This is on a system with 2 graphics cards with catalyst 12.5 drivers running as a single (large) desktop.

Show was running fine.

So I went to a remote signagestudio and changed the current screen arragement of the current show which was too large for the current screen resolution as it was designed for a 1080p while the current screen was 720p.

So I set the new screen size to 720 pixels Y in studio, mad a few changes, and uploaded with the "reset stations" box ticked.

So when I went to check the player "live" the new (modified) show was indeed playing but everything in all the screens was "cut off" at the bottom, like if again the studio screen size was a bit too large and the show didn't fit the physical screen(s) size. I knew this wasn't possible as I was sure I had set up the new screen to 720 pixels, like the physical screen size, and the content accordingly.

So I turned the player off and back on and indeed the (same) show now displayed properly.

So my conclusion is that the "update players" option when saving from studio, if there is a screen size change, may not be setting the right "full screen mode" in the player until the player is rebooted. If you want to try to reproduce my problem, try with a 1080p studio screen, play it in a 720p windows desktop (multiple monitors under catalyst 12.5 if you want to match my setup even more), then go to a studio while the show is running, change the screen size to 720, upload with "update player" checked, and see if it changes the "resolution" of the show properly w/o rebooting the player.

BTW I did get a remote snapshot of the show after the studio-save+update and it showed fine in the snapshot. It's like the player setup a "weird" full screen resolution where a small portion of the bottom of the screen(s) was missing but the player thought it was displaying the full content just fine.

As I said, a reboot of the player cleared it all up, but it had been playing fine before the change-of-screen-size-in-studio and only cut-off the bottom of the show afterwards (w/o been rebooted) and kept doing it until rebooted.

Go figure.

win7 64bits embedded, BTW, and also, my desktop screen resolution was a very non-standard 5120x720
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Just a small clarification, the show was missing about the last 1/5 of the screen across all (four) monitors (on two graphics adapters) in a single 5120x720 desktop, like say trying to display a 720 vertical pixels show in a 640 pixels tall monitor. Horizontally it was all fine.

But the show had been designed for 720 pixels high and indeed, upon reboot and up until now, the show has been displaying fine filling the screen as it should for a couple of days and through many reboots. It happened only when the player was playing a show designed with a canvas size of 1080-y, then changed to 720-y saved-uploaded-synched and the new show played, horizontally was fine, but the bottom 1/5 of the screen "overflowed" the physical vertical monitor(s) "size" and wasn't showing. Until the station was rebooted (I did not ask the player to stop and play again or simply restart it but powered off and on the station instead).


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We had a similar issue... our screens were set to the same resolution of 1920x1080, no change there, but when we switched the TVs they were played on (still with the same resolution, just a larger size).. everything was out of whack, looked too large.

After chatting with tech support, we discovered the boxes will boot into a "Safe resolution" of 720p (this is a windows thing) - then when you reboot the box, it should boot into the resolution you set - so in our case, 1920x1080.

We didn't realize the boxes had a "Safe resolution" so that answered our question as to why the presentation would play improperly even when our resolution was still the same.

Hopefully if this happens to someone else, it helps them... just reboot your box :)


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