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Author Topic: Player system time information and reboot control  (Read 2721 times)


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Player system time information and reboot control
« on: March 28, 2012, 06:27:34 AM »

It would be useful, on top of knowing "starting time", "time running", etc of each player, to have the player send studio the current time. And hopefully even be able to set the computer time, if possible.

You see, sometimes the local clock of a player gets set wrong (i.e. dead batteries), or the player is located in another country where they adjust for Daytime savings on a DIFFERENT date than it is done in the USA (or someother country), so one can sometimes not be sure what exact time/date a particular player "thinks" it is.

This is, of course, most important to setup starting/reboot times, etc.

It would also be useful if whole playing-stations reboots could be scheduled more than once a day.

This, of course, also has to do with display units which start-up and power down schedules can not be finely controlled (i.e. they do not update for daylight savings automatically or they insist on power saving features) as well as player stations that must have all the monitors turned on BEFORE the computer reboots (but the monitors must have some signal input or they will go to sleep on their own w/o the possibility to be turned on again, etc).

In other words, although it shouldn't be an issue that the player station should have to deal with, in practice, having fine control about what (system) time the station has (knowing it remotely by studio), be able to set it (ideally), be able to reboot at specific times (rather than power savings, due to incorrect monitor configuration if the monitors are turned off at the time the stating is rebooted-powered on), etc could be useful.



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Re: Player system time information and reboot control
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2012, 08:43:43 AM »
Thanks for the feedback, I will add your notes to our suggested road map so we can evaluate it on the next release..


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