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Author Topic: I have several suggestions  (Read 3120 times)


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I have several suggestions
« on: February 17, 2012, 07:30:17 PM »
Overall, I am ecstatic that this product exists. I have it connected to a TV in my home office and I'm running RSS feeds to it. I have no commercial need for it at this time so the no-cost option is perfect for my needs. I have no issues with the player but the editor could use some help.

Suggestion: I'm BEGGING you for an UNDO function.

Suggestion: The scene editor allows items to be grouped into folders but the scene list when in the campaign timeline view does not show the folders. Show the folders in the scene list for organizational purposes.

Suggestion: Allow an option to organize the scene list or have it auto-organize by scene name when in scene editor.

Suggestion: Improve the color picker in the common tab of the scene editor. Allow for input of custom color codes.

Suggestion: Add alignment options for component items such as weather.

Suggestion: Add vertical alignment options, at least for rich text.

Suggestion: Have scene templates (at least for scene size) and have an option to auto-create them to match regions on a screen when creating a new screen.

Fix: Improve the general flow of the program. It feels very sluggish when navigating to different sections and switching elements within a section.

Fix: When enabling an item, such as background, under the common tab it remembers the last color selection. This is nice but the color picker is not automatically active. Once you pick a color on any scene, on subsequent enables in the same session you have to enable, click gradient, then go back to simple.

Suggestion: Have some sort of way to fine-tune or specify values for the sliders in the gradient bar.

Suggestion: Create an input box to give specific values for sliders such as scroll speed, rotation angle, etc.

Fix: When you rename a scene, make it stick. Sometimes it doesn't actually change, other times you have to move it to a folder or click on another scene to get the name change to be visible.

Here's something that happened to me that might need to be looked at. I don't know if it was a fluke or something went horribly wrong. I was creating scenes with the logos of the sites I was pulling feeds from (Engadget, Ars Technica, etc.) so they would be the right size and have a consistent background color. I created about 6 of them and put them in a logos folder. I went on to create scenes for the feeds and place them in a feeds folder. When I went to add these logo scenes to a timeline I was unable to locate them. When I went back to the scene editor, all but one of them had disappeared.


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Re: I have several suggestions
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 06:54:21 PM »
Thanks for the feedback, it's all coming starting with release 3.1.

Android 3.1 Player - released
iOS 3.1 Player - coming in 2 weeks
Desktop 3.1 Player - coming in 3 weeks
End of March we anticipate SignageStudio 3.1 alpha



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