Step 1: open your FREE account

Starting out takes only a couple of minutes, It’s that easy! Open the SignageStudio (Use Web or Desktop version). You will be prompted to select a template & enter an email & password.
Next click on [CREATE ACCOUNT] to start building your stuff.

Step 2: pick your SignagePlayer

After you played around with the SignageStudio and watched some video tutorials, you’ll be ready to install the SignagePlayer. Choose your favorite
OS below and install it on every device and computer you like, and it’s all FREE!

Get a mediaPLAYER

With our free Digital Signage platform you certainly don`t have to use our hardware, but we definitely recommend it.
Our super optimized, dedicated Digital Signage players were designed specifically for our software. Setup is less than a minute and you will love just how well everything works… Order one, you`ll be happy you did!

Get One

Microsoft Windows

Run the SignagePlayer on any version of Microsoft Windows and turn your personal computer into a dedicated Digital Signage Player



Run the SignagePlayer Mobile version on Android tablets and phones. Dual Core or better CPU is recommended.
Install it from the Android Market place.

To Google Play

Apple OSX

The SignagePlayer Desktop version is supported under Intel powered Apple Mac.

- follow this video tutorial for instructions on how to install on the Mac OS

1. Download and install AIR 2. Download SignagePlayer

Apple iOS

The SignagePlayer Mobile version is also available on both the iPad and iPhone (Dual Core tablet recommended). The iOS release is currently available only in private beta. Fill the request form if you wish to apply and join our global team of private beta testers.

To AppStore

Embedded / Web

The SignagePlayer Web / Embedded versions allow you to playback your presentation in any browser. With the SignagePlayer Embedded version, you can use an HTML snippet to embed your presentation as part of a web page. With the SignagePlayer Web version you can share your presentation with others using a web link. And the best part, make a change once and have it updated everywhere!

follow instructions on how embed the web player