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In the spirit of freedom we are accepting Crypto Currencies

Get a quote from Live Chat and payment details has been promoting freedom of choice with our FREE Digital Signage and open source software for over a decade. In the spirit of freedom and innovation we are now accepting Crypto currency for both subscription and hardware purchases. You can now pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum

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To place an order simply contact live chat for a quote. You can place orders for all our products and services including annual enterprise sign-ups, mediaPLAYERs, Hybrid and Private server and pay using Bicoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.

Our Bitcoin receive address: 3Me2G9qyupXEmziv5AqZCLZZVRmnZezerc

Our Litecoin receive address: MCCFT2fN2G4RHw2vAaPcYZ1kSFq8v5k3nk

Our Ethereum receive address: 0x0D2e08254Ee7B1a18aa0101BD7d8914e808447a2

Please contact live chat before sending any funds so we can provide you with order details.

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